About us

The hotel was started in 2016 under the design of Painter Nguyen Quoc Dan, drawing a colorful art and a view of Hanoi in the 60s, from architectural characteristics to daily supplies of Vietnamese people. Overcoming the basic rules Diamond Dorm Vietnam wants to give customers the experience in an artistic space from Café to Dorm.

The artistic combination of wood and copper brings a space that is both traditional and unique.

Overcoming Dorm's basic design, we give our customers a new definition of high-class Dorm, high level of service and art that you can't find in any other hotel or dorm.

Diamond Café is nestled in Diamond Dorm, inspired by old cafés, customers have to go through stairs to the 3rd floor.

When entering the customer will be immensely overwhelmed with the art space from the pictures of Hang Trong are meticulously painted on the wall so you cannot take your eyes.

Dorm rooms are divided into 4 categories: Male Room, Female Room, Mix Room and VIP Room.

Price of 4 types of rooms: 

• Male room: 350000VNĐ / 1 person / 1 night (including breakfast)

• Female Room: 350000VNĐ / 1 person / 1 night (including breakfast)

• Room Mix: 350000VNĐ / 1 person / 1 night (including breakfast)

• VIP room: 750000VND / 1 night (including breakfast)

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