The hotel was started in 2016 under the design of Painter Nguyen Quoc Dan, drawing a colorful art and a view of Hanoi in the 60s, from architectural characteristics to daily supplies of Vietnamese people. Overcoming the basic rules Diamond Dorm Vietnam wants to give customers the experience in an artistic space from Café to Dorm.


Room type

Vip Room


Inspired by the bed of Vietnamese people in the old days, the traditional sofa set is a unique bronze painting that creates a space that makes customers experience will not forget the impression Diamond Dorm Vietnam gives you. Next to it is a large old-fashioned window that is carefully sculpted.

Room Mix


Inspired by wood and tree houses, Diamond Dorm Vietnam has designed extremely unique wooden bunk beds combined with traditional Vietnamese blinds, in addition to the extra points of copper pieces created. so a harmonious space between tradition and modernity.

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